Uber Eats selects Nuro autonomous delivery robots

Starting this fall, Uber Eats customers in Houston, Texas and Mountain View, California will be able to deliver takeaways using Nuro autonomous delivery robots. A 10-year contract has just been signed between the two companies.

Conditional Deployment

The number of vehicles deployed and the number of customers who will take part in the experiment were not disclosed. If the experiment proves successful, deployment to the San Francisco Bay Area is planned, subject to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issuing additional permits for certain areas such as San Francisco and Oakland.

This isn’t the first time Uber and Nuro have come together. The news site reported in May 2019 that the two companies were in talks to supply supplies to Houston. The project ultimately failed for unknown reasons.

Nuro expands partnerships

Startup Nuro, which raised €600m in 2021 from Google and SoftBank, among others, has already outperformed FedEx, Kroger in 2018, CVS Houston, Walmart in 2020 and Domino’s Pizza.

To cover as many use cases as possible, he improves his vehicle. The latest version was introduced in January 2022. It is intended for the mass market. Ergonomic compartments allow you to hold a large number of products. In addition, individual orders can be split and secured so that the robot can make multiple deliveries in one trip.

For its part, Uber Eats does not do it on the first try. The company has already signed two partnership agreements with Serve Robotics and Motional. Serve Robotics’ unmanned robots deliver goods in the smaller geographic area of ​​West Hollywood, while Motional’s unmanned vehicles carry orders over a longer distance in the Santa Monica area.

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