Uber gives drivers more options to choose their rides

Uber is committed to strengthening the independence and decision-making ability of its drivers. To do this, VTC is accelerating the rollout of a feature that allows drivers to know the price and destination of a proposed ride before accepting it. The feature, rolled out in France between June and December 2020 — ahead of the March 2021 Oriented Mobility (LOM) law that imposes the feature — will gradually roll out to multiple cities in the United States, Uber announced. as of Friday, July 29, 2022

driver satisfaction increased

In the US, this feature has already been rolled out in some cities in California. VTC made this choice in a referendum to see if drivers should be paid or can remain independent. This latest status received votes in November 2020. In Europe, this solution is deployed in France, Switzerland and London. Uber is rolling it out as a priority in countries where there are high demands for independence from drivers or authorities.

VTC guarantees that driver satisfaction has clearly increased since its inception in France. Important data for attracting new drivers when, after restrictions and curfews, VTC companies needed drivers. This allows them, for example, to choose errands to take home towards the end of the working day.

features explaining the increase in waiting time

However, there is a longer delay on the part of the consumer before accepting the race as it passes from one rider to the next. But a company spokesman talks about “positive changes” and a “natural rollout” that gives more independence and choice. The main criteria for Uber, whose business model is changing in many countries, which are considering changing the rules for the self-employed working through digital platforms.

Going even further in that direction, the press release issued by Uber also mentions a “Trip Radar” feature that allows drivers to access a list of other races in their area to select the one that suits them best. This feature has already been rolled out in France for a short time. It also needs to be gradually rolled out in the United States. This will really allow drivers to choose routes with full knowledge of the facts.

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