Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed, Skull and Bones…) raises prices for its upcoming games

Game news Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed, Skull and Bones…) raises prices for its upcoming games

Published on 09/13/2022 at 18:30

In the daily menu for September 13, 2022, we start with information about the long-awaited and not yet formalized future virtual reality helmet. We’ll continue with more revelations about Ubisoft’s strategy, in particular game pricing and the future of Assassin’s Creed. And we will finish with the opening of The Last of Us Part 1. Daily, let’s go!

Price at Ubisoft and the future of Assassin’s Creed

Last weekend took place Ubisoft forward 2022 where the next novelties were presented, including a rise in the price of games. News that does not particularly please players who play games up to 80€. After that, we learn that Ubisoft Bordeaux has returned to its roots with a remake of the first Assassin’s Creed game. On this side, we were pretty spoiled because we find Assassin’s Creed Jade, Assassin’s Creed Hexe and Assassin’s Creed Red, as well as live action on Netflix. In all his projects, unfortunately, there is no gameplay even for Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which should be released in early 2023.

The future of VR headsets forgotten in the hotel

In the virtual reality market, Facebook Meta is one of the largest. For 8 years now, the social network has owned the Oculus brand and continues to release VR headsets, with each new release becoming an event. That’s good, because indeed, the October 11th conference is approaching and images of the new helmet have been leaked. So we see a man who has found a new Meta Quest Pro at the hotel, unpacking. We can also see that the helmet looks like a snowboard mask with new controllers.

Big nod to The Office in Last of Us Part One!

This news comes to us from Tik Tok, a player who was browsing The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5 and found a place he hadn’t seen before. This is Dunder Mifflin, the company we follow on The Office. We immediately recognize Dwight’s office, Michael Scott’s office, Pam’s counter, and the lounge sofa. A new area that will make fans of the series smile.

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