Uganda announces first Ebola death since 2019

Uganda’s health minister announced on Tuesday that there was an “epidemic” of the Ebola virus in Uganda that caused the death of a man in the center of the country, three years after the last death on record.

“Uganda confirms an outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in the Mubende region. Twitter account.

The case is related to a rare strain from Sudan that has not been reported in Uganda since 2012, the WHO in Africa said, announcing the deployment of “a team and equipment to assist in the investigation and response.”

Uganda has already dealt with Ebola outbreaks, the latest of which dates back to 2019, when at least five people died.

In 2000, 200 people died from the epidemic in the north of the country.

Ebola virus disease is often fatal, but there are now vaccines and treatments for this hemorrhagic fever, which is transmitted to humans by infected animals. Person-to-person transmission occurs through bodily fluids, with the main symptoms being fever, vomiting, bleeding, and diarrhea.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), neighboring Uganda, has seen 14 Ebola outbreaks, with the latest reported between April and July 2022.

A case of Ebola was reported in August in the east of the DRC, in the province of North Kivu, on the border with Rwanda and Uganda. According to the WHO, this case is “associated with the strain of the 10th epidemic of 2018, and not with a new introduction of the virus.”

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