UK begins legislative work on self-driving cars

The British government announced on August 19 a £100 million (€118 million) investment plan to develop self-driving cars by 2025. To prepare the country for the deployment of the first autonomous vehicles, the authorities have laid the groundwork for adapting the regulatory framework. £34m of the plan’s £100m will go towards safety and preparatory studies for new legislation.

UK at the forefront

Part of the plan will fund the launch of the first commercial autonomous vehicles, which the government expects will eventually create 38,000 jobs.

“We want the UK to be at the forefront of developing and using this fantastic technology, which is why we are investing millions in vital security research and legislation that will allow us to make the most of this technology. ” said Transportation Minister Grant Shapps.

Responsibility of manufacturers in the event of an offline accident

As part of these preliminary studies, a consultation is beginning, one of the goals of which is to determine what standards autonomous vehicles must meet in order to start driving on the country’s roads. In particular, the government plans to hold manufacturers legally liable in the event of an accident involving a vehicle in 100% autonomous driving mode.

While the government expects the first autonomous vehicles to be able to hit the highway as early as 2023, current legislation, for example, prohibits Tesla drivers from using their FSD mode, an advanced driver assistance system also called “Full Autonomous Driving Capability.”

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