UK drug dealers cut prices in honor of the Queen

While Britain and Crown lovers mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II, British drug dealers want to reassure their customers: this disappearance overwhelms them too, but to alleviate the sorrow of fellow citizens, their services continue to be insured no matter what. Some even cut prices in honor of their former monarch.

Ketamine, cocaine, cannabis: Lilibeth’s special promotions flourished on WhatsApp groups and other apps just minutes after the Queen’s death. media has compiled some of these painful (and a little funny nonetheless) messages.

“Are you saddened or depressed by the sad news of the Queen’s death? So feel free to contact me, I’m here until one in the morning, ”writes the seller, for example, literally an hour after the announcement of the disappearance. Her suggestion for a cure for melancholy is even accompanied by a GIF of the queen making waves. Amid several tirades of condolences, other dealers offer their LSD and Xanax, concluding that “during the time of national mourning, we are still providing full service.” We are relieved.

The prize, of course, goes to those sellers who do not miss the chance to offer royal promotions on their products. When some talk of a “death discount” on ketamine, others announce a reduction in the price of a very expensive gram of cocaine to £96 (about 110 euros) in honor of the Queen’s 96-year-old age at the time of her death. .

Everything is good for the test

Drug dealers invented absolutely nothing. Many classic (and legal) companies are also quick to jump on iconic events, no matter how painful, to get a little publicity stunt. And with the death of Elizabeth II, some had slightly broken teeth.

This is the case of the British travel company Thomas Cook, which, after a clumsy tweet, drew the ire of Internet users. His post? A photo of Queen Elizabeth II with the caption: “Good journey madam” as a nod to their travel services. Others, like Dbrand, an online hardware store, didn’t even look any further. Under the simple phrase “The Queen is dead,” they put a photo of black AirPods with a link to their purchase.

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