UK: Epic Games’ complaint against Apple rejected

The UK Competition Appeals Tribunal dismissed Epic Games’ complaint against Apple. As a reminder, the game publisher accused the firm at the apple of acting in an anti-competitive manner in the sector of distribution and payment of applications.

In its judgment, the court explains that the case was dismissed because the main target, the UK branch of Apple, provides research and development and other technical services to other companies in the Apple group, but it “Does not provide support for technology or systems issues”.

That is why the court held that the UK branch was not responsible for the decision as to which apps could or could not be provided by the App Store and that, therefore, it could not be said that the UK branch of ‘Apple had acted anti-competitive.

Apple sued by Epic across the world

However, the court acknowledged that the dispute was founded in the United States. Judge Peter Roth asserts that, from his point of view, the trial should take place in American courts: “it is clear from even a cursory reading of the judgment of October 9, 2020, and this is hardly surprising, that many of the same substantive issues that arise under UK competition law arise under US antitrust law ”.

This is Epic Games’ third lawsuit against Apple dismissed by the courts. The other legal proceedings, initiated in Australia, the United States and the EU, all specifically target the distribution and payment processes for App Store applications.

In each of these lawsuits, Epic Games insists that it is not seeking damages, but that regulators “deal with Apple’s alleged anti-competitive behavior.” “Apple has become what it once rebelled against: the juggernaut that seeks to control markets, block competition and stifle innovation. Apple is bigger, more powerful, more entrenched and more pernicious than the monopolies of yesteryear. With a market cap of nearly $ 2,000 billion, Apple’s size and reach far exceed those of all technological monopolies in history, ”Epic accused in its first complaint, filed in the United States.

Apple seeks help from Steam

The two companies have been at odds since last August, after Apple and Google pulled Fortnite from their respective app stores. The decision followed Epic Games’ implementation of an in-game payment system to bypass the payment of the 30% commission to these stores.

Over the weekend, Apple summoned Valve to appear, requesting information regarding the company’s annual sales, revenue, and app prices for the Steam store, as part of its legal fight with Epic Games. Even if Valve is not part of the standoff between Epic Games and Apple, the latter says that this information would better define the size and qualification of the market for this case.

Valve has previously produced documents regarding its revenue share, competition with Epic, Steam’s distribution contracts and other documents, but it refuses to provide requested pricing information, in part for confidentiality reasons, and in part. part because it is difficult to collect this information as requested by Apple.

Source: .com

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