UK ICO fines Clearview AI £7.5m for privacy breach

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has announced that it has fined Clearview AI Inc £7,552,880 for breaching privacy in the UK.

The company collected images of people online from social media and other websites and then used those images without people’s consent.

“Clearview AI Inc has collected several images of people from all over the world, including those in the UK, from various websites and social media platforms, creating a database of over 20 billion images. The company not only allows you to identify these people, but also effectively monitors their behavior and offers this as a paid service. This is unacceptable. That is why we have taken action to protect people in the UK by fining the company and issuing a notice of enforcement.

“People expect their personal information to be respected no matter where in the world their data is used. This is why global companies need international enforcement. Working with colleagues around the world has helped us take this action and protect people from such intrusive activity.

“This international cooperation is essential to protect people’s privacy rights in 2022. This means working with regulators in other countries, as we did in this case with our Australian counterparts. And that means working with regulators in Europe, which is why I’m meeting with them in Brussels this week so we can work together to fight global privacy damage.”

The Information Commissioner’s Office has said that these 20 billion images will contain more of the UK’s population, which is why Clearview AI was discovered.

The company no longer offers this service in the UK, but it does in other countries so they were found, you can find out more at the link below.

Initial ICO

Image credit: Chris Young

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