UK Lego fans can save 33% on the Lego International Space Station in Argos.

If you’re looking for an unusual deal on a stunning Lego set, Argos has exactly what you’re looking for as you can save a third on a Lego International Space Station set.

Discount 33% (will open in a new tab) (or £20) is a great deal, especially in a set as cool as this one. There’s a lot to like about this, whether it’s the amount of detail you get, the moving parts, or just how the finished model looks. Of course, if this deal isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, you can always check out our best Lego deals and Lego Space deals guides for better builds.

While it’s not the real thing and you won’t need one of the best telescopes to see it, it’s still an amazing figure to show off – and will no doubt capture the imagination of any LEGO or space enthusiast. You get quite a few Lego sets for your money here, so it’s not an easy deal to pass up. If you love Lego then why not take a look at the best Lego Star Wars deals and Lego Marvel sets on the market.

Now that the Lego International Space Station is on sale at 33% off (will open in a new tab), it’s amazing value for money considering what you get for the price you pay. The minifigures, the moving parts, the amazing looking final assembly, all add up to something pretty cool for a low price. But what characteristics make this model stand out?

For starters, 864 is quite a lot, especially given the price range, and means there’s a lot to build, but it shouldn’t take you too long to get bored and move on. It also features two rotating connections with eight “solar panels”, as well as a movable Canadarm and other authentic ISS parts and features.

You also get a stand, 2 astronaut minifigures, a buildable NASA mini space shuttle and 3 mini cargo spaceships. The kit also includes a 148-page booklet with additional information and interesting facts about the ISS to help you save money. It’s a pretty good deal, so if you’re looking for your next build, this might be the one for you, especially at this price point.

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