UK: one million emails reported to an online scam service

More than a million messages were reported in two months to a British service which allows the reporting of emails suspected of phishing or other scams.

Since launching the service two months ago, the UK’s National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC) has received an average of 16,500 emails a day, allowing authorities to block or remove 10,000 links to online scams. .

According to the NCSC, 10% of online scams were removed within an hour of reporting an email, and 40% were reduced within a day of reporting. More than 10,200 malicious URLs linked to 3,485 individual sites were removed.

Cryptocurrency scams

Regarding their typology, a wave of campaigns concerning investment in cryptocurrency has been detected. According to the agency, they represent more than half of the scams detected following a report.

This type of cryptocurrency scam is a growing problem, causing millions of euros in losses each year. The scammers pretend to be cryptocurrency traders to trick victims into giving them money. According to the Financial Conduct Authority, more than £ 27 million (€ 29.7 million) was lost in 2018-19 due to scams involving cryptocurrency investments, with victims losing on average more than 14,600 pounds sterling (16,052 euros).

Other scams detected include fake online stores and fake messages claiming to be from government departments.

Prevent fraud

To use the reporting service, people simply have to forward the suspicious email to the reporting service. If it contains a link to malicious content, it will be deleted or blocked.

Karen Baxter, of the London police, explains that phishing e-mails are often the first step in many fraud cases as they are a first door of entry for criminals. “Undoubtedly, a large number of frauds will have been avoided,” she concludes.

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