UK schools halt distance education after cyberattack

After hospitals, cyber attacks are now affecting schools. Across the Channel, fifteen British schools, belonging to the Nova Education Trust cooperative, were unable to offer online education due to a cyber attack. These schools reported as early as Wednesday of problems through their social media accounts and the need to shut down their computer systems due to the cyber attack.

According to the Nova Education Trust, hackers were able to gain access to the trust’s core network infrastructure and while an investigation was going on, all existing communications by phone, email and website had to be removed.

This attack falls all the more badly as students are still forced to resort to distance education in England. Schools are slated to reopen on March 8, but until then only a small subset of children physically attend school, such as the children of frontline workers.

SMS as a backup route

The 15 schools affected by this central cybersecurity incident were unable to offer typical distance education and teachers were unable to download educational materials. However, some schools have opted for text messages, temporary phone numbers and Microsoft teams in an attempt to minimize disruption to classes.

Days later, IT teams are still working on restoring trusted systems. While it is not clear who is responsible, the incident highlights how centralized IT infrastructures, when compromised, can have a ripple effect and impact all institutions that fall into place. trust it.

“The incident has been reported to authorities, and the trust is currently working with the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) and other security professionals to resolve the issue,” the Nova Education Trust reports. “All employees of the trust have been advised to take the necessary precautions.”

Source: .com

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