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The sacred beat of old… Pong, known as the very first successful video game, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Sold at the time by Atari as an arcade terminal and then brought to homes with a special console called the Home Pong, it was a real revolution. Two “blades” facing each other and a ball, a square of pixels, which we must return to each other. Basically a game of tennis that was then played with a paddle, a controller with a wheel instead of a directional cross. Fist Ultra is an enhanced version of the original game designed to pay tribute to him. Let’s take a closer look.

Refreshing return to basics

This new game for C64Mini/Maxi/Real or VICE emulator was born during PONG 50th Anniversary Game Jam. An event to test developers on microcomputers (computers for short). Fist Ultra is the work of Richard Bayliss. This dear gentleman came to us from England and is well known to Commodore 64 lovers for his many works. So his new game takes the basic concept and spruces it up a lot. Already and the graphics are very beautiful, a treat for lovers of good big pixels. Elements then appear randomly and cross the screen horizontally. These are penalties and therefore it is important to avoid them. Slowing down or speeding up the racket, freezing it for a few seconds, etc. There is even one that subtracts two points! In the center of the screen sits an alien who walks up and down, the ball bounces off him. Matches are played at ten victory points and maneuverability is perfect. Please note that the game is also interesting on its own, because the processor has been brilliantly programmed. He also makes mistakes, so he can be beaten.

Fist Ultra can be downloaded for free from It’s a beautiful tribute to someone who was one of the first members of the media that we love so much. Of course, things have evolved a lot, but simplicity is sometimes good. Indulge.

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