UN report: Morocco is the largest producer and exporter of cannabis


The 2022 World Drug Report published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) confirmed that Morocco is at the forefront of the main origin countries of cannabis, making this country the largest producer and exporter of this type of drug. .

The report lists Morocco as the first African country in terms of the importance of cannabis cultivation during the 2010-2020 decade, adding that “it is difficult to estimate the global area planted with cannabis because some countries do not have adequate monitoring systems for this indicator. »

The paper also confirms that most of the cannabis smuggling is from Morocco to Spain and from Afghanistan to other West Asian countries, while noting that Moroccan cannabis is also destined for other countries in North Africa.

According to the report, Indian hemp is transported between regions “from Morocco to Libya and then to Egypt via the coast”, while Moroccan hemp is transported via the Mediterranean.

Morocco is a source of real danger for neighboring countries and the region

The report also indicates that cannabis seizures continue to be concentrated in North Africa and Central Europe, which constitute the region of production, trafficking and consumption of the drug, accounting for nearly 60% of global seizures in the most recent period 2016-2020. .

With regard to the environmental impact of cannabis cultivation, the report also mentions the Rif region in northern Morocco, where the cultivation of this drug is mainly based on the extensive use of synthetic fertilizers.

In rural areas, where the majority of the country’s hemp is grown and where illicit cultivation is becoming more intense and often monocultural, in recent decades this has increased environmental pressure on an already fragile ecosystem in the form of deforestation, water scarcity and water loss. biodiversity”, noting that the intensive cultivation of this type of drug “has made the region the largest consumer of fertilizers and pesticides in this sector”.

Algeria is one of the countries most affected by the “Moroccan Cannabis Flood”, as evidenced by the results that the security services periodically provide, as in the case of the weekly operational report of the Ministry of National Defense, to a greater extent from the annual report of the National Directorate of Narcotics and Addiction, for example , the security services successfully prevented attempts to smuggle 60 tons of drugs and 500 kilograms of cocaine in 2021.

What heightens the danger of Moroccan drugs are the conclusions of the national gendarmerie command after conducting a cannabis prevalence study between 2010 and 2020, which analyzed 30,000 samples, including 1,058 tons of cannabis seized, and concluded that the increase in the concentration of the substance Efficiency ranges from 5% to 20%.

A year ago, the store legalized the cultivation of the drug under the pretext of “medical use”, which means expanding the area devoted to the cultivation of cannabis, which is controlled by circles very close to Mohammed VI, and we know that drug proceeds are used by Rabat to buy the debts of certain countries and individuals to support the legitimization of the occupation of Western Sahara.

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