Understand all about Sorare, the skylight dusting NFT platform.

Dominate the Crypto League – Sorare is a French company based in Paris that develops a concept located at the crossroads between real sports, video games, NFT and cryptocurrencies. On the Fantasy Football platform, it takes an online gaming concept well known to bettors to add the now famous NFT dimension.

At the origin of an unprecedented fundraiser that will have earned you the praise of Mr. Macron in person, let’s explore the origins of the concept, as well as the first steps to take to begin your adventure in Sorarienne.

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“Fantasy sports” come directly from the United States, where they are played in disciplines such as basketball, golf, and ice hockey. The principle is simple: create the team of your dreams and compete against other players based on statistics from real competitions.

Sorare, created in 2018 by two French, Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, is a platform built on the Ethereum network. This French start-up, described as a future unicorn by many observers, has since seen a meteoric rise, recently punctuated by a record fundraiser of € 40 million.

After a record fundraiser, Sorare on the road to licornization

Partner of the FFF on the occasion of the European Championship, supported by personalities such as Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, but also some renowned players such as Antoine Griezmann, offers virtual football leagues where, dressed in their caps as a coach, gamers will compete against each other forming his own team of 5 players embodied by trading cards, the NFTs.

NFTs and the world of sports, a natural complementarity

Thanks to blockchain technology, cards representing professional players playing in the most important tournaments are authenticated and can be traded in all markets that offer NFT. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo’s “unique” card reached the price of € 250,000 in March 2021, currently constituting the platform’s record. Similarly, the rarest ones, showing players in great shape and with the best match statistics, will be able to see their offers skyrocket towards incredible prices.

The greatest variety of players is available in Sorare.

It is important to specify here that these prices are purely subjective. As the business model is based on speculation, values ​​can fluctuate overnight like the rest of the crypto market, whose legendary volatility you already know.

Therefore, it will be a matter of acting as the best recruiters, looking for the best opportunity … while being prepared to dump your nuggets at the best time, knowing that these NFTs are investments with such a random value. health of Neymar! If you have always dreamed of a successful managerial career for a great club, there is no doubt that Sorare will be made for you: recruit this unknown but talented player, and try to sell him at the height of his glory, before his coast. plummets, and your investment with it!

Currently, Sorare has official license agreements with 155 clubs that play in the most prestigious championships, such as the Spanish League, or the FFF.

The Spanish championship is very present in Sorare

Therefore, all the footballers who play in these clubs and championships will be present in the game and you can go in search of your favorite stars. Each of them exists on NFT cards, published in 1111 copies per player according to the following diagram:

  • 1 “Unique” card
  • 10 “Super Rare” cards
  • 100 “rare” cards
  • 1000 “Communes” cards

Who knows, just by sliding your hat on, you could get a M’Bappé from the big days!

Motivating and potentially lucrative gameplay

The statistics of the cards are indexed to the current performance of the player (the real one) in the official competitions. They are updated in real time and will feed the calculation algorithm that determines the number of points reported by each card.

The objective is, therefore, to compose the team that will accumulate the maximum points to reach the top of the virtual classification, during the competitions organized on the platform that last between 72 and 96 hours. As a result, for the most visionary coaches evolving in the most prestigious leagues, equipped with their rarest and most powerful cards, the rewards are paid directly in ETH!

Team composition: Sorare interface

Make no mistake about it, even if opening an account is free, and a “beginner” league will allow you to craft your weapons with the cards that you will have received as a gift at the time of creation, the game finds all its meaning in from the moment you really grasp its speculative dynamics … and the real “game changer”, its crypto component!

Like today’s football, accessing the most lucrative divisions will present a real challenge that will often result in the purchase of one or more cards at sometimes high prices, in order to raise the overall level of your team, and all the question will be if the game is really worth it!

Different leagues and game modes available: Sorare interface

A plethora of customization options and more than twenty competitions with different profiles await you on the platform: don’t miss out on this innovative gaming experience, enriched by a strong increase in attendance and which automatically pushes the rosters upwards.

To join a community of 90,000 apprentice trainers, nothing could be simpler, all you need to do is go to Sorare’s website, provided with your email address and password:

Registration in Sorare

Once your account is created, the platform will guide you through the different menus, in order to familiarize you with the concept. Also, you will get a certain amount of gift cards at each stage. Start by creating your personal club, then dream of making it climb the ladder to the firmament of world football!

Creating your own club

Step by step, you will discover the different facets of Sorare, from the game itself to the auction, a true virtual and perpetual transfer window.

The transfer market

For an ideal grip, whether you are an NFT investor or a soccer fan, two tips might help: When creating your account, you will need to specify your favorite clubs. Goalkeepers being the rarest category, it is potentially prudent to choose your clubs according to the quality of your goalkeeper, as this choice will influence the first deck of cards that will be offered to you and which always contains one. Hopefully, you will already have a card with great potential both tactically and economically.

The second tip is to use Sorare’s referral link below when registering. This small supplement will allow you to get a random community card as a bonus as soon as you have bought 5 rare cards at auction, but also to support your favorite crypto media.

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