Unforgettable video games of the 2000s

Beginning with the nonexistent Bug of 2000 and then marked by the 9/11 attacks, this decade has become synonymous with technological innovation for the video game industry. Not to mention new consoles with unexpected success…

The Sims – 2000

After the success of SimCity released in 1989, simulation games are a breeze. Will Wright, creator of SimAnt (1991), decides to expand on the concept. But he struggles to convince editor Maxis, who doesn’t understand how players can be interested in taking out the trash or going to work.

“I intuitively understood that people are fascinated by people,” he explained years later. As for the Simlish language, the idea was an integral part of its main idea. “I knew The Sims was going to be either a huge success or a resounding failure, there can’t be anything in between,” he says of his franchise, which is one of the best-selling games in the world today.

Halo: Combat Evolved – 2001

On November 15, Microsoft releases its new and first Xbox console. As a starter game, there is “Halo: Combat Evolved”, a first-person shooter. The title, which features a “gamer” fighting aliens in the 26th century, is an immediate success and will be the starting point of a franchise that recently included a television series.

This is also the year that “Devil May Cry” and “Max Payne”, two other hits, will see the light of day.

“Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” – 2002

After the 9/11 attacks, the US Army releases its title “America’s Army”, a co-op-oriented free online game that is no longer hosted on the army’s servers today. If the penetrating game “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell” from the Ubisoft studio also makes a notable entry into the market, Rockstar studios continue their “GTA” franchise with “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”, in which we find for the first time, the main character, voiced by Ray Liotta. Brutal and brash, this new GTA opus climbed to the top of sales for the year with over 17.5 million copies sold.

“Enter the Matrix” – 2003

The game, developed by the Wachowskis as part of their film universe, includes an hour of scenes filmed alongside the second and third feature films, with the actors reprising their roles. The player assumes either Niobe (Jada Pinkett-Smith) or Ghost (Anthony Wong) and must complete each mission before moving on to the next. The game fell short of the first film, and reviews were mixed, but that didn’t stop Enter the Matrix from climbing the sales charts with a total circulation of five million copies.

Also, with the release of the PS2, Sony released their “eye toy”, a video camera that detects player movements. The name “EyeToy: Play” was released at the same time as this new accessory and is the first to use it.

“World of Warcraft” (“Wow”) – 2004

World of Warcraft was an immediate success upon its launch in November and became the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) of all time with a combined revenue of over US$9 billion in 2017. “Gamers” evolve into an open world, accumulate experience points and choose to play or not – in cooperation. A true virtual world, “WoW” now has eight expansions, and the ninth, “Dragonflight”, has just been announced.

“Super Colombian RPG Massacre!” – 2005

Released as a free download on the sixth anniversary of the Columbine massacre, the title, which puts players in the shoes of two killers, is intended to be a social and political commentary not only on the tragic event, but on American society as well. .

“Brain Age: Train Your Brain Minutes a Day!” – 2006

Most Played Game? Brain Age, the brain training title for the DS, a revolutionary handheld touchscreen console from Nintendo released in 2004 in North America. The backlit console makes fun and modern games for the whole family like Nintendogs (2005) or Animal Crossing: Wild World (2005). That same year, “Wii Sports”, another revolution, is being sold along with the brand new Wii, a console that recognizes player movements. Infatuation is instant, Nintendo seduces families and even adults. The practice of video games becomes the norm and ceases to be the lot of only “geeks”.

“BioShock” – 2007

Mixing biopunk visual elements and drawing inspiration from horror survival games, the excellent BioShock is a mixture of RPG and stealth gameplay, as well as morality as you must choose who to kill and who to save – and takes place in the 1960s. , in a secret underwater city.

ViiFit – 2008

Nintendo’s Wii continues to innovate, this time bringing a fitness game for the whole family. Yoga, aerobics, balance and strength exercises are on the menu of this title, which will be adopted by many “gyms” around the world and will be used in nursing homes and also as a therapeutic tool for children.

“Farmville” and “Angry Birds” – 2009

With the advent of Facebook, games are changing. As such, we are seeing the emergence of a number of games that you can play with friends, including Zynga’s famous Farmville, a simulation game in which you have to manage a farm. Cell phones are rapidly becoming mini-console offering free, fun, colorful and fast-paced games. In particular, this applies to the famous game Angry Birds, first released for iOS and then adapted for Android devices, which was an irresistible success, having been downloaded more than three billion times as of July 2015.

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“Angry Birds”: for Android and iOS.

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