United States: Costco supermarkets limit toilet paper purchases to avoid shortages

RESTRICTION: US mass distribution fears a risk of shortages on the shelves due to strong customer demand and supply difficulties

In the United States, mass distribution again fears a risk of shortages on the shelves. The Costco supermarket chain decided on Thursday to limit the number of packages of toilet paper purchased by its customers. Paper towels and some water bottles are also affected by this restriction, reports BFM TV. The Costco chain is the fourth largest retailer in the country.

You are concerned about a possible shortage on the shelves of your stores for two reasons: a current demand that is still very strong but also significant difficulties in the delivery of your merchandise. All this, linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Because if the health crisis is gradually slowing down in the United States, several thousand deaths are still observed on certain days. And in some states, like Texas, infection rates are still high.

“Panic” shopping for fear of re-confinement

Therefore, this situation leads to an overstock of basic necessities in households for fear of further confinement. And the first victim of these “panic” purchases is none other than toilet paper. In addition, it is already difficult to get products to stores, especially when (…) Read more in 20minutes

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