Unleash the alien magic of Avatar: Path of Water in this deluxe concept art.

As Christmas rolls around, eager viewers get to see director James Cameron’s new sci-fi epic, the sugar plums dancing in our heads have been replaced with Avatar: The Path of Water, featuring hovering, gliding and floating creatures known as skimwings, tulkuns. , and illus.

It’s just a slice of Pandora’s exotic flora and fauna in 20th Century Studios’ $400 million sequel that’s flooding multiplexes this holiday season, 13 years after the 2009 box office-breaking original Avatar. Check out our Avatar and Avatar Creatures Guide: Path of Water to get ready for the sequel.

New book “The Art of the Avatar: The Path of Water”. (will open in a new tab)”, a new edition from DK Publishing that lifts the veil of digital wizardry and the blockbuster alien menagerie and plunges headlong into the painstaking world-building of Cameron and his creative team. Check out our guide to Avatar Creatures. and Avatar: The Way Of Water in preparation for a sequel.

Cover Art of Avatar: Path of Water by DK Publishing. (Image credit: DK Publishing)

Written by seasoned entertainment journalist Tara Bennett, Avatar Art: The Path of Water. (will open in a new tab)is a gripping 256-page hardcover document detailing the characters, weapons, costumes and storyboards of the hit sci-fi film.

Between the covers of Avatar Art: Path of Water, there are also fresh interviews with the cast and crew, cutouts of miniature dolphin-like submarines, illustrations of fast gunboats, giant hovercraft, crab-walking submersibles, and infantry robots. drawings of local coastal villages and sketches of the development of the Metkayina and Na’vi tribes.

Take a look at this revealing three-page overview:

This deluxe coffee table companion book was released in conjunction with the film’s world premiere on December 16th to give fans and readers a taste of the incredible scope and vision of this mega project and appreciate the years of work that went into bringing it to fruition. final creation.

Director Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids, Sin City), who first met James Cameron while filming Alita: Battle Angel in 2019, wrote a compliment.

“Avatar Art: Path of Water (will open in a new tab)can be purchased at bookstores and online.

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