Unlike PS5, the price of Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series will not increase

If Sony decides to raise the price of its PlayStation 5, Microsoft assures that the price of the Xbox Series X|S will not start to rise again.

No jump in prices in Microsoft is expected. While Sony has announced price hikes for two of its PlayStation 5 models, competitors have no intention of following suit.

Microsoft told Windows Central that its Xbox Series S and Series X will not suffer the same fate, despite the economic situation and recent component shortages. The US consoles are currently selling for €299 for the S series and €499 for the X series, while the PS5 will cost up to €550 and its non-Blu-ray version for €450.

Possible negative impact on sales

This does not mean that Microsoft does not intend to increase the score in the future. But the American giant seems to realize that the shortage of its consoles, combined with supply problems and inflation, will have a more negative impact on its sales than economic losses. Since its announcement, Sony has also suffered from the wrath of gamers who are already desperate to get their hands on the console since its release in late 2020 and will have to pay more for their property.

For its part, Nintendo announced earlier this month that the price of its Switch console would not increase despite the economic situation. The Japanese company has surpassed the 110 million unit mark of its line of gaming consoles (Switch, Switch Pro and Switch Lite) sold globally.

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