Unusual minute: the collector put up for sale all the game consoles in history

“An incredible collection of over 2,200 consoles” is the title of this incredible but real eBay listing.

The seller explains that he has over 2,000 consoles. “I have 50 years of consoles in my hands, from the first to the latest. The goal is to bring together all models, all colors, versions, commercial limited editions, limited pre-order editions, competition only editions, advertisers, packs, kits, Europe/Japan/US editions. All these consoles come with PVL, signage, statues, terminals, accessories, several hundred games for all consoles combined.”

This impressive collection, which began in the 90s, has evolved over the years. But in 2011, the collector put an end to it “for lack of time.” However, a few years later, after reselling a part, he explains that he “fell into the trap again”: “I have restored almost everything that I have sold, and even more so far.”

We’ll spare you the full list of consoles he owns (you’ll find it here). But keep in mind that its acquisition will cost 984,000 euros.

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