Upa Dance: 15 Years Later

If you are over thirty, you are probably familiar with the series Un, dos, tres, un paso adelante in Spanish. It was a series bought by M6 that followed the adventures of a group of young students from a performing arts school in Madrid. 15 years after his graduation, the producers decided to give him another chance with Upa Next.

Quarrel of old and new

We take three characters from the first version: Silvia, who became the principal of the school, Lola, a choreographer and artist, and Roberto, who works in Miami. Why things? Just because we don’t know. Indeed, only the first episode is available in France at the moment, so we don’t know exactly what it’s messing with.

The first episode brings us to the choice of students. Sylvia doesn’t have enough candidates, and the school’s accounts are unprofitable. Roberto suggests that he mix the selection with the casting for the musical. Sylvia is not happy and complains during a conversation with teachers that artists prefer to perform on YouTube rather than study their art for several years.

Objectively, she is right, but so are the students. Many criticisms of social networks can be formulated. However, they are a great tool for communicating and showcasing the artistic abilities of Internet users. A one minute video can go viral if it is well “sold”. And a casting director who would get an entry from an artist who already has a social media fanbase would probably expect it to be better for him to cast someone who has a social media community than someone who doesn’t. worse technically, but who did not work on the image of his brand on the Internet. So why tie yourself to school for a cycle of several years?

Sylvia’s remarks – and we may suspect that Monica Cruz, her translator, was of the same opinion – are also illustrative of the classical school. If you’ve seen the original series or checked out Wikipedia, you know that Sylvia is a ballerina, just like Monica Cruz. This is a very difficult workout that requires discipline, rigor and dedication. We enter very young into classical training. Corollary: At an age when we want freedom, we must redouble our efforts. It is interesting to watch the confrontation of these two worlds on the screen.


The little young people who will integrate the Carmen Arrenz School of Performing Arts are a fierce reminder of the previous generation. Luca reminds us of Benny, Andrea of ​​Silvia, Omar of Pedro, Elvira of Lola. As for Sergio, there are strong suspicions that he is the son of Roberto. Pedro and Ingrid are not in the cast of the new series, nor are the teachers. At best, we know that Marie Millan, who plays Adela, should appear.

What’s up with Martha? According to radio internet users, it is likely that she is Andrea’s mother. In fact, fans of the original series will surely notice the similarities between Martha’s and Andrea’s entrance exam performances.

But what about artistic? In the original series, we saw almost all stages of selection: classical dance, modern dance, singing and theater. In the first episode, with the exception of the performance of Andrea and the duo Luca-Elvira, modern dance mainly stands out.

You can regret it later, but let’s be objective: the corps de ballet is breathtaking. Which brings us to the question of production.

The budget has been revised upwards

If you remember the original series, 75% of the episodes took place in a school. There were quite a lot of shots outside, and when students or teachers left the school, the action took place indoors. All this was reminiscent of the AB series sets. It was kitsch, but it had charm.

In the new version, we have a lot more outside shots, street scenes, including choreography in the Madrid metro and train station. If the base series did not have a huge budget or partners, then this time it was done on a grand scale, which we see in the final credits. It would take several slides to list all partners and sponsors of the series.

There are only eight episodes in the first season at the moment, and we sincerely hope that the production did not harm the foundation, because we want to continue. In fact, we want the whole first season to start. Indeed, Salto has only posted the first episode online at the moment, and no one seems to have a broadcast date for the rest of the episodes in France.

And the second season? Even in Spain, no one knows if there will be a season 2. It is possible that this is a well-established marketing plan. Indeed, in Spain, the series will not be streaming on Netflix, but on another streaming platform: Atresmedia, which seems to be the equivalent of our hexagonal Salto.


Should I watch Upa Next (Un, dos, tres: new generation in French)? Yes. Firstly, if you like to dance, if we are based on the first episode, obviously we will be amazed. For music, for now, we’ll be back. It’s soup, more than anything, but we forgive.

We said it: the characters are reminiscent of the first version, and we feel that the plots are likely to be very similar, even seen and viewed. We forgive here too. The series is based not on the plot, but on the artistry. We could put Andrea and Luca in the organic food store, buy leeks and make them dance so it still works. At worst, it will serve as a clip for the Socialist Party.

Whether it’s Un, dos, tres or Upa Next, we watch these series for the added artistic value, for the technique, for the dream. We do not need high-level philosophical plots, for this we have French cinema. Or a horror movie. It’s to taste.

If you’re looking for a series that isn’t tedious and fun, check out the first episode. And if you feel like it, dive into the original version, also available on Salto. You don’t have to see the original series to understand the new version, but why deprive yourself? Warning: some scenes involving computers may surprise you. Recall that the action of the original series takes place in the early 2000s.

Un, dos, tres and un, dos tres: new generation (original version with subtitles only) available on Salto. If you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription with the app built into your TV, this option is available and requires an additional subscription. Upcoming!

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