Update 2.0 note, new lab

Find all the information and news of this new update 2.0 of Legends of Runeterra. On the program, in particular, the very first coop vs AI experience, a new goalkeeper and balancing

Modified cards

We plan to do some important balances based on our meta scans and player feedback scans on a monthly basis. However, since this is still a game that we are developing live, it is possible that some months fall outside this rule. There will potentially be extracurricular changes, such as the following one for Pack Your Bags, which was originally slated for the 2.1.0 release in February.

Pack your bags

COST: 1 → 5
When players manage to transform Thoroughly into Pack Your Bags, this last card frequently creates particularly difficult situations for opponents to deal with: its cost is far too low compared to the impact it has across the board. It’s important that players get rewarded when they successfully turn their cards all the way through, but their opponents should have a few possible answers as well.

New lab: Coop vs IA – United Front

Patch 2.0.0 introduces us to a new rotation for the multiple lab:

  • United Front (new 2.0.0!)
  • Quick draw
  • The law of the jungle

Heimerdinger always seeks to make new revolutionary inventions. And after all, there’s no better opportunity than a Noxian invasion to try a little experiment, right …?

United Front is a whole new way to play Legends of Runeterra, and our first co-op experience! You and your ally (be it your friend via challenges, or a random player via the single player queue) will face the AI ​​of an overpowered Noxian general. Select a champion to create a prebuilt deck, and join forces to repel the invasion!



Does anyone see this magical elephant flying everywhere ?!
Personality: clumsy
Best friend: Zoe


We’re pretty happy with balancing our archetypes at the moment. We’re only going to modify Healing Hands, as he’s not quite reached his ideal state yet. We want to make sure that he can actually enjoy his unique style of play more frequently.

  • The appearance bonus for Cosmic Creation archetypes has been completely removed. All archetypes now have the same spawn chance, whether they are primary or bonus archetypes.

Healer’s hands

  • Deleted : Bayou brunch, Hunting fleet, Diverging paths, Soporific bubble

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a message would appear in error when casting Judgment while swapping blockers.
  • Fixed an issue with the Vaults of Helia and units with the Last Breath keyword.
  • Fixed an issue where Zoe (level 2) would not always share allies’ keywords.
  • Fixed an issue where Ribamboule’s Heart would sometimes pass negative keywords.
  • Fixed several text inconsistencies between card texts and loose descriptions.

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