Update The Ascent – bug fixes, better performance … all the info!

Released three months ago, The Ascent developers share with us today the arrival of a new update for their latest baby. Tested by us, feel free to go and scrutinize our judgment. After fixing many stability issues in August, Curve Digital decides to address the bugs that are blocking certain missions.

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Corrections and improvements made

The September patch is lighter than the August patch, but we don’t need it anymore. In fact, getting stuck in your save due to a mission error can be very annoying. That is why the Curve Digital team has focused primarily on these types of issues. The list is not complete and the team will communicate more information shortly.

Update Notes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented “FullChrome” from appearing during the “Mutual Dependencies” mission.
  • Fixed a bug related to the “Find Lanier” step in the “Data Miner” mission.
  • Fix for players reporting stuck on the “Talk to Kira” step in the “Protocol Tracking” mission (Mission 7).
  • Correction of a success: “Comprehension”. The developers are now looking to find a solution for the achievements “To our mutual benefit”, “Win” and “Omnihacker”.
  • Improved performance on PC and Windows 10 (fixed a bug that did not show ray tracing for some players).
  • Fixed many cooperative issues (including disconnect issues or elevator bugs).
  • Various improvements in visual effects, audio, stability, translations, and much more.

The team explains that this patch will roll out quickly, with the full list of improvements available. The developers say they plan to work tirelessly on the game this year and next.

The Ascent is available on Xbox Series XS, Xbox One, and PC and is also integrated with the Xbox Game Pass console, PC, but also in the cloud.

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