USA: Resurgence of warning signs of political violence, according to Facebook

by Katie Paul

PALO ALTO (Reuters) – Since the assault on Capitol Hill last week, Facebook has spotted an upsurge in warning signs of violence linked to the challenge to the outcome of the US presidential election, a spokeswoman for the group said.

The eruption of supporters of Donald Trump in the precincts of Congress seems to have galvanized others, she explained.

Some are seeking to organize rallies across the United States and on dates close to the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, continued the spokeswoman, who wished to remain anonymous for security reasons.

Facebook has notably spotted the dissemination of digital leaflets from militias and groups calling for a new insurgency.

Google has for its part decided to suspend political advertising on all its platforms from January 14, according to an email sent to advertisers, which Reuters was able to consult.

The Alphabet subsidiary could maintain these measures, taken “following the unprecedented events of last week”, at least until the day after the presidential inauguration.

Airbnb has also announced that it has banned from its platform some people with links to hate groups or involved in the deadly assault on the Capitol.

The accommodation giant also announced on Wednesday that it had canceled all hotel reservations in the metro Washington area during the week of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. He did not say whether this decision was the result of a request from the police.

The American federal police expect armed demonstrations from January 16 in Washington and in the capitals of the 50 American states.

(French version Juliette Portala)

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