USA: the game of “metrosurfers” worries the authorities of New York

Published on 16.03.2023 22:26

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L. de la Morne, A. Filippi, Z. Buzu – France 2

France TVs

In the United States, New York authorities are concerned that more and more young people are engaging in the dangerous and even deadly game of staging themselves on video while standing on a moving subway.

These followers call it “Metro surfing (surf on the New York subway). The goal of this game is to jump between the carriages and thus slide between the skyscrapers of one of the largest metropolitan areas on the planet. Young people film their dangerous acrobatics and then post them online on social media. A few weeks ago, a 15-year-old boy misjudged his run and had his head crushed by a bridge pylon. He died instantly.

Number of practices doubled in four years

“Young people see the number of social media views, likes, Jlove, and it’s almost chemistry. It becomes very exciting when it is very dangerous, but people run after such glory, regret local resident during a memorial service. According to New York subway statistics, the number of such practices has doubled in four years, and the police are sounding the alarm. Eric Adams, mayor of New York, points to the responsibility of the social networks he calls for accounts. In response, Instagram and TikTok removed many of these videos from their networks.

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