USA: vaccine progresses in spirit despite resistance

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The issue of mandatory vaccinations is increasingly being raised in the United States as cases of Covid-19 have begun to rise again, especially in states where many are reluctant to get vaccinated. But the reason for vaccination is gaining traction, even in politics, where many opponents now seem to be convinced.

To the Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Control (CDC), our US correspondent explains, Lubna Anaki, The United States is at a crossroads in the fight against the pandemic. Already last week, Dr. Walensky calculated that this third wave was in the unvaccinated.

Faced with a rise in the number of Covid-19 cases, more and more experts and officials are calling for the return a mask is required even for vaccinated… Some cities go as far as taking action to introduce vaccines. As in San Francisco, where 35,000 municipal employees must be vaccinated or they could lose their jobs.

Mandatory vaccination

Yesterday, the mayor of New York once again explained that vaccinations may become mandatory, especially when eating indoors. Earlier this week, Bill de Blasio announced that city officials would be called up for vaccinations or tests every week. Control the spread of the Delta variant.

Restrictions are in place as 45 states have recorded increases in pollution, even if it remains below levels recorded a few months ago. Some states where the majority of the population refuses the vaccine are in a more difficult position than others.

The vaccine problem is even taking on an increasingly political turn. Some of the statements by elected Republicans are now taking the form of a retreat. After months of resistance, Louisiana Senator Steve Scalise has taken the plunge as the state grows hospital admissions, with only 36% of its population fully vaccinated. “ I urge people to get vaccinated he announced. I trust him very much, I accepted it myself. In the Delta variant, I wanted an extra layer of protection.

Take Covid-19 seriously

Following the number two Republicans in the House of Representatives, 18 other elected officials of his party are multiplying similar reports in conservative states such as Arkansas, Florida or Missouri, where the virus is gaining ground.

Mitch McConnell, Republican leader in the Senate, is now calling for ” ignore all these bad advice voices “In recent months, there have been many opportunities to discredit the White House or public health experts.

The tone change is also on Fox News, a channel that maintains mistrust of the vaccine and, in particular, its host Sean Hannity: ” Take Covid-19 seriously “, Launched by someone who until recently qualified as a pandemic” falsification “.

In the conservative media, as well as among elected Republican officials, others continue to express their skepticism, refusing to obey government dictates or highlighting the adverse effects of vaccines.

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