USA / Who wants to arrest Donald Trump? Former president calls for protests

Donald Trump, former US President, will he be arrested in a few days? This is the information that the person himself transmitted in the last 48 hours. What makes Trump attractive even to his supporters?

“The Republican candidate is far ahead (his main rivals – approx. ed.) and the former president of the United States of America will be arrested on Tuesday next week. Demonstrate, take back our nation! It is with this laconic but strong message that Donald Trump has been warning his supporters since Saturday of the possible and imminent arrest that he will become.

It is not known exactly where Donald Trump got such serious information, but due to the negligence of his service, they say that they intercepted a “leak” from the New York State Attorney’s Office, Manhattan County. Donald Trump and his people fear that Manhattan Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Democratic judge-elect, will settle the score. No president in the history of the United States has been charged or arrested.

Donald Trump behind bars on Tuesday. His lawyers are preparing for this, and on Friday one of them, Me Joseph Tacopina, told the media that his client would “go” to the New York courts if he was charged. Donald Trump has always maintained his innocence in a case that could land him in jail, the Stormy Daniels case, named after the former porn star.

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, testified at least twice before grand juries in this non-disclosure agreement investigation involving Ms. Clifford. New York prosecutors are investigating a $130,000 payment by Michael Cohen to a pornographic actress in 2016 for her silence about her alleged relationship with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump still denies this alleged relationship, but he will have to cross his fingers not to be blamed. The 2024 presidential election is in sight. Donald Trump wants revenge on the aging Joe Biden, but he will return for a second term. Trump’s supporters condemn the political maneuver aimed at excluding him from the race.

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