USB 4 version 2 is coming: what will change?

Version 2.0 of USB4 should see the light of day soon. They promise transfer speeds up to 80 Gbps.

The new USB 4 version 2 standard will be able to reach speeds of up to 80Gbps thanks to new active Type-C cables. In comparison, the first version of USB 4 is limited to 40 Gbps. This increase in speed is possible thanks to the new architecture of the physical layer. The latter uses “existing passive USB Type-C 40 Gb/s cables and new active USB Type-C 80 Gb/s cables.” Of course, the technology will be backwards compatible with older USB connectors.

Note that this new version is called “USB 4 Version 2.0” and not “USB 4 Gen 2” as is the case with the various versions of USB 3. Here is a summary of the nominations:

It is currently unknown when this new standard will be available to users. According to the USB Promoter Group, “This update is currently targeted specifically at developers.”

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