Use GPT chat for money. When will Chat AI be available in the Pro version?

GPT chat should soon have a Pro version that can only be used against money.

Hamburg – AI, i.e. artificial intelligence (AI), is currently causing a real gold rush. The OpenAI GPT Chat has particularly stirred up the Internet. Many users are wondering if this powerful chatbot that threatens even Google is really free. Also, we now learn that OpenAI is working on a paid premium Chat GPT option. On Twitter, President Greg Bockman is now responding to user concerns.

GPT Chat Costs: The famous text AI will no longer be free?

Is GPT chat free? Yes, using Chat GPT is free. But OpenAI, the text AI company, is likely planning to release a paid version of Chat GPT. Indeed, this popular tool massively eats up server load, is not always available due to overuse, and has sparked a real gold rush. Caution is also required at this time with apps that attract with Chat GPT but are real subscription traps.

  • Chat GPT is completely free (as of January 12, 2023).
  • If a page or app in a store called “ChatGPT by OpenAI” isn’t free, it’s a scam.
  • The paid version of Chat GPT is officially on its way to release, according to OpenAI.

ChatGPT Professional Should Be Worth the Money – Free Texting Alternatives to AI

Will Chat GPT be worth the money in the future? OpenAI, developer of Chat GPT, says a paid version of Chat GPT is in development. However, the premium version, tentatively titled “ChatGPT Professional”, should not replace the free version. The paid model takes precedence and should be “always available” and “quickly respond to ChatGPT,” says the OpenAI Discord server (via Twitter).

Free registration in GPT chat:

To communicate with the eloquent and almost omniscient AI, you only need to log in once. This is done, for example, with an existing Google or Microsoft account. We answer all questions about registering with OpenAI here: GPT Chat: Here’s how to connect to the amazing text AI.

The price of ChatGPT Professional is not yet known. But some users are already suggesting on Twitter that they will have more limited access to the free version of AI, as they will then have to upgrade to the paid version. However, Greg Bockman, President of OpenAI, takes issue with the idea on Twitter.

Free alternatives to GPT chat. The internet is full of alternatives to GPT chat. Since the release of OpenAI, many other companies have decided to release their own software. Some alternatives are free, others offer a free preview, and still others cost money.

Here we present the best alternatives in case Chat GPT costs money or is not available at the moment: Chat GPT: The best text alternatives to the powerful OpenAI AI chatbot.

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