Vaccinated contacts: isolation is no longer required in the event of a negative test result.

Removal of isolation from vaccinated and contact persons is noted. (© Illustration / Le Petit Bleu)

IN vaccination open to all French adults from May 31, 2021. Until today, when the man was announced contact case, she had to isolate herself.

Now the rules are changing. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced this on Wednesday 21 July at 13:00. TF1 that people who have been in contact with and vaccinated against Covid-19 will not no longer due to the obligation to isolate before the second tript.

“More likely to catch the disease”

“The analysis done with these people shows that in reality they no longer have a chance of contracting the disease,” he explained.

We are going to remove the obligation to do business in this case.

Jean CastexPrime Minister

The vaccination schedule is considered complete seven days after the second dose of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines. For people who have already contracted the virus, the rule applies after a single injection. The delay is four weeks after a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

PCR or antigen test is still required

From point of view screeningHowever, the rules remain the same: if you are vaccinated and reported a contact illness, you will still have to undergo a PCR or antigen test. If the test is positive, isolation remains the order of the day… According to the bill, which is now pending in parliament, it will soon become even mandatory for ten days for any infected person.

According to the head of government, Minister of Health Olivier Veran should soon clarify this decision.

According to a report by the General Administration of Health (HAS), a vaccinated person is particularly protected against severe and symptomatic forms of the virus. But she can still get infected and transmit the coronavirus to others. In the case of Pfizer and Moderna, the vaccine reduces the risk of infection from 94% to 95% after being fully vaccinated.

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