Vaccination against Covid-19: Increasing to 12-18 years old will allow them to “find social life,” according to infectious disease specialist Odile Launay.

The discovery of Covid-19 vaccination for children aged 12 to 18, announced by Emmanuel Macron and Olivier Veran, will allow them “both to restore normalcy and to contribute to the protection of the entire population”Odile Lone, an infectious disease specialist, coordinator of the Cochin-Pasteur vaccinology center and a member of the Covid-19 vaccine committee, said Wednesday, June 2, on franceinfo.

franceinfo: Is there good news about the discovery of vaccination for adolescents?

Odile Lone A: This is definitely a good thing, as we have seen that adolescents have been hit hard by the health crisis and imprisonment. They could not go to school normally and had to stop playing sports and group activities. Thus, the vaccine will allow them to return to normal life. The data available today shows that this vaccine is effective in this population.

Are adolescents more carriers of the virus than adults?

This is not to say that they are “supercontaminators”. They transmit the virus just like adults. Perhaps their interactions are more numerous, and therefore, they are more likely to encounter the virus and transmit it. But on the other hand, we know that these adolescents are much less at risk of developing serious forms. Thus, among them, the main goal of vaccination will be to enable them to return to social life and gain access, in particular, to school, high school and college. But we also have a goal – to promote herd immunity by increasing the proportion of the population that will be vaccinated. This at the same time allows them to find a normal life, but also contributes to the protection of the entire population.

When can population herd immunity be expected?

We know that there were people who were infected, that is, with natural immunity. More than 25 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Vaccination is accelerating. Herd immunity will be achieved when the proportion of the population vaccinated or exposed to the virus is high and even higher as we see the emergence of options that need to be vaccinated and more people protected. These options are more transferable.

So you will probably need a very large share. Nobody knows exactly how much, but not less than 80%. This means that it is absolutely imperative that people who are still hesitant or postponing the time of vaccination go to the vaccine. Today you have no questions about this vaccination, especially since you are an adult with risk factors or older. We now know that 20% of people over 75 are not vaccinated. We absolutely must provide ourselves with the means to collect and vaccinate them in every possible way. It is imperative to vaccinate these people who are at increased risk of developing serious forms.

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