Vaccination against Covid-19: level “far from sufficient” in Europe to avoid re-emergence of virus, warns WHO

The WHO European Office warns of the progression of the Delta variant, originally found in India, which is “settling soon” in Europe.

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Covid-19 vaccination rate in Europe is insufficient “Protect the region from revival”, warns lWorld Health Organization (WHO) European Director Hans Kluge at a press conference on Thursday 10 June.

To date, 30% of the European population has received the first dose of the vaccine and 17% are fully vaccinated, according to WHO estimates, which takes 53 territories into account. Significant performance compared to other regions of the world, but insufficient to achieve herd immunity. “The distance that needs to be covered to reach at least 80% of the adult population is still being considered.“- recalls Hans Kluge, who urges countries to observe hygiene measures and distance themselves, as well as limit travel abroad.

However, in recent weeks, the situation in the region has improved, with a decrease in the number of cases of illness and death. For the first time since fall 2020, the weekly death toll in the European Region fell below 10,000 in the week of 1 June, according to WHO Europe. Therefore, countries are relaxing existing restrictions, but all is not yet won, the WHO Director for Europe insists: “We are far from danger.”

The organization really fears a repeat of the summer 2020 scenario: then there were cases of infection. “Gradually increased in younger age groups, then moved into older age groups, which contributed to destructive revival, blockages and deaths in the fall and winter.”– reminded the Belgian doctor. “Let’s not make this mistake again” he begs. Moreover, the Delta variant, first identified in India, is currently spreading across Europe and is doing well. “gone to settle”, until “Many people over 60 are left without protection”, points to the manager.

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