Vaccination: Alert Call from Bastia Pharmacist

“Every day, with death in our hearts, we deny requests for vaccinations.”

Paul Alfonsi does not hide his bitterness. As the incidence rises, this Bastia pharmacist requires additional doses to be able to vaccinate on a large scale.

“Faced with the general mobilization and awareness of Bastiat and tourists arriving on the island, I regret not being able to meet demand due to the limited number of vaccine vials.” notify the pharmacist from the Tozhsky region.

“We only have two Moderna bottles a week and we already have about a hundred people on the waiting list. At this rate, it turns out to be two months. Therefore, we cannot answer this: “Encouragement from the authorities.”

When asked, ARS points out that the new dynamics of the vaccination campaign has created significant demand.

Thus, health authorities expect significant doses of vaccines to arrive in the coming days, in particular from Pfizer and Moderna, in particular for pharmacies and healthcare professionals.

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