Vaccination at the Stellantis plant in Sochaux: “Not to increase the number, but to expand the network”

The government wants to encourage companies to vaccinate against Covid-19. This, in particular, includes the easier delivery of doses.

At the Stellantis factory in Sochaux, we started offering this vaccination in mid-April, but these days, on the eve of summer, the device is gaining momentum. Three sessions were offered at the plant’s infirmary last week. The rest will follow this week. With doses of the Modern vaccine.

Benefit for the employee: vaccinations are carried out during the working day. Until today, almost 400 injections performed, i.e. 5% of the staff. From the factory.

“This is a niche vaccination, not a mass vaccination” explains Robert Receiver, health and safety coordinator at Stellantis in Sochaux. “We want to offer more opportunities for vaccination in order to increase the vaccination network.” Thus, the factory offers places for immunization in the workplace and during work hours. “We would vaccinate only 20 people, our goal would be achieved. Because we are talking about increasing access to vaccination. ”

The Sochaux facility has been converted to a vaccination center. © Radio France
Christophe Beck

BUT extensive information sent to 7000 employees From the factory. “With the help of a small flash code, we make an appointment directly with the medical service, which offers you a time slot,” points out Edouard de Martin, director of human resources at the Stellantis factory in Sochaux. “The vaccination system mobilizes a portion of the plant’s health service, which consists of three professional doctors and 14 nurses.”

Volunteers are sure to be convinced… “This is a great initiative that allows us to protect ourselves and protect others.” – explains the operator of the paint shop. “We make an appointment, we introduce ourselves, we are vaccinated. It’s fine”.

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