Vaccination: Doses of Hope for DPJ Young People

DPJ youth in Monterege receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine this week, giving them hope for a quick return to normalcy.

“With the vaccine, we run the risk of going back a little bit like we used to, maybe not as fast as we would like, but hey, things should work out! »Sasha launches [nom fictif, en raison de la Loi sur la protection de la jeunesse]and we can guess the smile behind his mask.

Since Monday, she and nearly a hundred young people have been vaccinated at various DPJ campuses in Monterey.

Newspaper was able to attend one of these sessions on Wednesday, where the atmosphere was almost festive. Many people encouraged each other every time one of them was vaccinated, despite the fear of injections.

Protect others

“It was very difficult for me for over a year. Everything changed in a short time. […] What affected me the most was that there were so many deaths. But I take the vaccine because I don’t want to infect others, ”says Sasha, who is already thinking about his second dose to be even better protected.

Nothing is known about the reduction in the rules for youth centers, but they are eagerly awaited after “the reality of young people has completely changed.”

” [Le vaccin], this is a small hope for them to return to normal life. […] Since the beginning of the pandemic, the situation has changed a lot, but in the first wave, children could not go out and go to their families, they were kept locked up. Their adaptability is incredible, ”says Genevieve Cadier, active learning instructor.

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