Vaccination in Deauville: How did six people get physiological serum instead of the vaccine?

On April 15th, a rather incredible error occurred at the Deauville Vaccination Center (Calvados). Six people were vaccinated with saline. How can you explain this error?

The six people who showed up for vaccinations at the Deauville Vaccination Center in Calvados on April 15 did not leave with a dose of Pfizer in their blood, contrary to what they might think. Instead, these six patients were injected with saline.

The error seems grotesque, but not an isolated one. Similar incidents have already occurred since the start of the vaccination campaign in France. This was at the beginning of the injections, at Epernay on the Marne (140 people involved) or even at Chatillon in Haute-de-Seine (54 people involved).


How is this possible? How can a dose of saline be confused with a dose of a vaccine? The reason is simple: physiological serum is distributed in vaccination centers because it needs to be diluted in vaccine vials. It is from this mixture that the doses are obtained, which are ultimately administered to the patient.

So human error? Forgot? Poor batch labeling of physiological serum and vaccines? We don’t know yet. However, there are two things to be sure: the six patients who received the saline injection are not at risk, because it is not dangerous. However, it is still unclear who these six people are …

To find out, the 180 people who came to the vaccination center on April 15 will be called back faster than expected on May 8 for a second injection. Fifteen days after that, tests will be carried out to determine who is actually vaccinated against Covid-19. This will identify six patients who did not receive the first dose.

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