Vaccination: Minister Dominique Cardi criticizes national committee | COVID-19 in the Atlantic

New recommendations from NCCI has generated a lot of questions and criticism since Monday.

The committee said Canadians, who are less likely to contract COVID-19, can wait until a dose of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine is available, instead of taking the vaccine from AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson, which has a very rare risk of blood clots. … The first two vaccines use a different technology than the last two.

However, for several weeks, Canadian authorities were encouraging Canadians to accept the first vaccine available. They explain that the risks of serious side effects from vaccinations are much lower than the risks of complications from COVID-19.

Take the first vaccine available, Cardi insisted.

Dominic Cardi said four vaccines are approved in Canada. are a miracle of modern science and that Canadians need to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also reacted to this statement. NCCI at a press briefing on Tuesday. All Health Canada approved vaccines are effective and safe. he repeated several times.

Dominic Cardi echoed these words. I take the side of the Prime Minister who said today that Canadians should make the first vaccine available to them. And given that NACI did not say so, I support the Prime Minister and Dr. Russell.

Trust in science is extremely important. The challenge we face is that too often governments confuse this issue. (…) Those who undermine the credibility of the vaccination campaign must be held accountable.

Quote from:Dominic Cardi, New Brunswick Minister of Education

Dominic Cardi also drew parallels between those who shake. accidentally vaccination message and anti-vaccination activists who deliberately misinform.

If the vaccine is public health approved and approved by Dr. Russell and her team, take the vaccine. Ignore it NCCI, ignore anti-masking activists, ignore those who don’t question science, and contribute to New Brunswick– said the minister.

When asked if she shared the views of Minister Cardi, Dr. Jennifer Russell simply replied that she was very happy to see the public’s enthusiasm for vaccinations.

About 250,000 New Brunswicks have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine since the vaccination campaign began.

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