Vaccinations: Brussels is shortening the interval between vaccinations with AstraZeneca from 12 to 8 weeks.

Brussels is cutting the time between two doses of AstraZeneca to eight weeks instead of 12.

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En Brussels-Capital Region, the time between the first and second doses of AstraZeneca has been reduced from twelve to eight weeks. The Brussels Health Inspectorate has received the green light from the vaccination task force, Inge Neven said on Monday during the weekly press conference of the Commission of the General Community (Cocom). It is not yet clear whether Flanders and Wallonia will follow this option.

“We are doing this in order to now deliver two doses a little faster. We heard there was demand because the three-month waiting period was inconvenient for many, ”says Neven. “We definitely think this allows us to fill out various appointments faster. It’s true, ”she adds.

47,023 doses were administered in Brussels.

A record 47,023 doses were administered in Brussels last week, and at least 63,400 vaccines will be available next week. The available slots are filling up well, but Coccom wants to avoid excess inventory. In Brussels, the age limit for people who can be vaccinated is falling faster than in Flanders and Wallonia, in part because the population there is younger. All people over 45 received an invitation for vaccination by SMS or email on Sunday and will receive an email this week. People between the ages of 41 and 45 can register for a waiting list through Bruvax’s Brussels registration platform.

3 million Belgians vaccinated

Nationally, Sciensano data show that over 3 million Belgians have been vaccinated at least once. There are now 3,055,382 people on the counter, which corresponds to 26.6% of the population. In addition, 829,376 people have already received the second dose. The minister assures him: “All adults who will be vaccinated will be able to get vaccinated by July. “

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