Vaccinations: The Medical Academy recommends no longer reimbursement of PCR costs.

For over a year now, the recommendations of the National Academy of Medicine have highlighted the health crisis. In a press release published on June 23, the Parisian institution, born in 1820, recommends no longer reimbursing all PCR or antigen tests (paid in some countries). One slogan: “To defeat Covid-19, good vaccination is better than repeated tests.” While immunization in the population is slowing, the agency believes that “reuse of RT-PCR tests” is distracting people from getting vaccinated. However, if the screening tests “done for personal convenience” were paid for, it would encourage travelers to get vaccinated.

Indeed, the National Academy of Medicine makes an important distinction. While the number of tests for diagnostic purposes is decreasing – with the drop in the national incidence rate – the practice of testing for the purpose of obtaining a “health certificate” has increased – the validity of a negative result does not exceed 48 in 72 hours. Impact: The institution recommends that the free RT-PCR and antigen tests prescribed for detecting SARS-CoV-2 for diagnostic purposes be retained, but that reimbursements for RT-PCR and antigen tests performed for personal convenience be suspended (health certification, international travel ) “For unvaccinated persons. Monitoring is recommended to measure the impact of this decision on adherence to vaccination.

According to the Academy of Medicine, time is running out. If more than 32 million people are vaccinated for the first time, this number will remain insufficient to achieve herd immunity that could eradicate the emergence of the Delta variant (formerly called Indian), which is “in the process of becoming dominant in the world,” according to the Ministry of Health. To accelerate the pace, adolescents aged 12 to 17 were immunized from June 15, but for several weeks the national vaccination campaign has been waning. During a weekly press briefing, a ministry spokesman indicated that “300,000 first injection slots will be available over the next three days.” “It is impossible to imagine that they are not filled.” “We have doses, we have an organization, we cannot miss this chance,” she recalled.

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The institution recommends creating a “vaccination card”.

And the National Academy of Medicine agrees with this observation. “Despite the effectiveness, safety and free access to the vaccine, a significant part of the population remains dissatisfied with the vaccine, despite a very active communication policy. Realizing the low effectiveness of attempts to persuade through education, the National Academy of Medicine recommended creating a vaccine map,” he calculated. who have spoken out more than 120 times about the coronavirus, and while the government is not obligated to follow his recommendations, it listens to them carefully.

In addition, the organization, located on rue Bonaparte, said that “even the possibility of gradually establishing a commitment to vaccination is being considered.” This statement echoes his May 25 statement. A month ago, the Academy considered it necessary to make the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for many professions and to vaccinate children and adolescents, which, in its opinion, is the only way to achieve “herd immunity sufficient to fight the epidemic.” “Individual measures (barrier gestures) and collective measures (curfews, isolation) are unable to control over time the ‘Covid-19 epidemic’, huge, in particular, in social terms,” she argued at the time.

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When Health Minister Olivier Veran threatened to vaccinate caregivers, especially in nursing homes, Yves Buisson, president of the Covid-19 group at the Academy of Medicine, said: “This should be done long ago.” In the LCI microphone, the specialist made it clear that it would be difficult to get out of the pandemic without making vaccination mandatory: “If we are satisfied with the promotion, education, we will come, at best, by the age of 50 or 50. Vaccination coverage of the entire population is 60%, while it is 80%. Then we run the risk of facing big problems in the fall. ”



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