Vaccine against COVID-19: 12-17 people responded to the call

Proof that young people between the ages of 12 and 17 are overwhelmingly responding to Quebec’s call to get vaccinated against COVID-19, they crossed the 18-29 age group on Thursday in terms of percentage of people vaccinated.

As of June 9, 67% of them received their first dose or made an appointment.

For its part, 65% took the 18-24th place, and 64% took the 25-29th place.

The news seemed to delight Health Minister Christian Dube, who tweeted that 12-17 years old are also “on the verge of catching up to 30-34”, which is also 67%.

“Students aged 12-17 are on the right track to return to normal classroom life. Persons 18-29 years old must do the same in order to reach 75% and reduce health protection measures at school, work, leisure, etc., ”the minister added.

As of Wednesday, 69% of Quebec’s population received their first dose or made an appointment. Quebec’s goal is to reach the symbolic bar of 75% for both the general population and each age group.

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