Vaccine against covid: almost one in three Réunion residents received at least one injection – Réunion 1st

Since the start of the campaign, more than 186,000 Reunions have received at least one injection of antiviral vaccine. This represents 30% of the eligible population. The ARS target is to reach 33% by July 1.

As of Sunday 6 June, 30% of the eligible population have received at least one injection of antiviral vaccine, representing just over 186,000 Reunion Island residents. Of these, 97,500 received a second Pfizer injection or Janssen injection.

Over 30,000 injections per week

In total, over 283,500 doses of vaccine have been administered since the start of the vaccination campaign, including over 3,250 doses of Janssen vaccine. Since the beginning of May, the weekly rate has accelerated from 19,000 injections to over 30,000.

Every day, 5,000 visits are offered at 10 vaccination centers on the island, in addition to mobilizing pharmacists and city doctors.

Vaccinobus in the port on 15 and 16 March

ARS is also building a mobile vaccination system called Vaccinobus. The first stop at the port will be on Tuesday 15 June and Wednesday 16 June. It will be possible to get vaccinated without an appointment in the parking lot of the Sacré Coeur au Port shopping center.

Insufficient vaccination among vulnerable groups

70% of the eligible population has not yet received the first dose. In addition, the most vulnerable people, exposed to severe forms of the disease, are not yet sufficiently protected by vaccination. This applies to:

– Men who are less likely to be vaccinated than women, although they have been shown to be more at risk of hospitalization.

– People over 70 years old.

– People with chronic conditions that make them especially at risk of severe forms (people with diabetes and severe obesity)

Vaccination: a collective question

ARS aims to ensure vaccination coverage of 33% of Reunion Island residents who received at least one injection by 1 July.

Helpful information

You can get vaccinated at vaccination centers by making an appointment by calling 0262 72 04 04 and at Only three centers are open without appointment: La Nordev, La Possession and Pierrefonds. On the other hand, with pharmacists, doctors, nurses and volunteer midwives, you need to make an appointment. All vaccination centers, with the exception of the Center de l’Etang in Saint-Paul, are open on Sundays.

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