Vaccine: “Can all French people over 18 make an appointment quickly?”

Mr. CEO of Doctolib,

From May 31st, all French people over 18 years of age can receive the vaccination without any conditions. Nearly 28 million of them have not yet received an injection, and to this you can add almost 2 million 16 and 17 year olds. Unless everyone clearly wants to get vaccinated, the prospect of a vacation, coupled with a health pass required to travel and attend major events in France from June 9th, could cause traffic congestion. Recent opinion polls show that the proportion of French people wanting to be vaccinated is increasing significantly, even among the youngest.

Problem, there are only 500,000 slots per day, and you yourself warned: “This new step will not meet all patient needs due to the still limited number of vaccine doses, especially Pfizer and Moderna. However, the Pfizer group of companies is promising nearly 20 million doses in June alone.

Therefore, many French people wonder what methods are best for taking Doctolib. They think about when is the best to connect and find their niche easier when they don’t spend part of their day hitting the F5 key on their keyboard to refresh the page in the browser. They would also like to know when to promise that anyone can arrange a date. Some are also surprised that niches that appear to be available on ViteMaDose are no longer available after the platform redirected them to Doctolib. Can you enlighten them about this?

Le Parisien – Today in France I would like to know what you are planning to do in order to provide an accessible niche as soon as possible. Emmanuel Macron promised that all adult volunteers will be vaccinated by the end of the summer. Can they, in your opinion, hope that they will appear earlier?

The readers of Paris are eagerly awaiting your reply.

Stanislav Nyoks-Chateau’s answer: “The situation will ease in the middle of summer”

Doctolib CEO Stanislas Nyoks-Chateau. LP / Yann Forex

“Thank you for your letter, which contains legitimate questions,” starts Stanislas Nyoks-Chateau, who answers some of them. From Monday all French people over 18 years of age can be vaccinated. We wanted to know if they could do it quickly. Not exactly, he explains: “This new phase will take time. There are 50 times more people eligible for vaccination than the number of vacancies every day. In May alone, we had 200 million visits to our site. Therefore, everyone who wants to get vaccinated will not be able to come this week. Why? Because the number of doses of vaccines remains limited, about 4 million per week. This is the only limiting factor. “

Any tips for making it easier to find a date on the platform? “The pressure on accessibility has been particularly great since opening up to all adults, it’s true,” he admits, “but 400,000 French people make appointments every day. If it is difficult to find an appointment, it is because the doses are being administered right on time. “

Unfortunately, there are no “tips” on how to find a niche: “You don’t have to be on a specific schedule,” says Stanislas Nyoks-Chateau. Each vaccination center opens slots independently, depending on the delivery of doses to its region. “But he still wants to clarify (without linking to the ViteMaDose platform):“ The Doctolib website or app is the only place where the available slots are visible in real time. “

Finally, the question is: when will the grip be loosened? He replies: “Increasing our vaccination capacity in a few weeks, coupled with a gradual decline in the population yet to be vaccinated, will automatically ease the situation in mid-summer. “Until then,” June is a key month, he concludes. According to our forecasts, 50% of French people will be vaccinated by the end of the month. In total, about 40 million vaccinations have been administered by Doctolib since January. “

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