Vaccine: Caregivers explain their reluctance

“You hug me tight and come on, hop, we swing.” Carefully and firmly, the two caregivers methodically move the elderly elderly woman from the chair to the bed. Soon it’s time to sleep on the floor of the neurovascular unit of the Sharpenne Geriatric Hospital in Villeurbanne (Rhone). “Here are the stroke patients. [accident vasculaire cérébral] : the very last at the beginning of the corridor, the most stable at the end, with which we can focus on rehabilitation “the nurse explains, pointing to a row of red doors.

But after a few seconds, the sweetness gives way to accents, and the tone comes alive. The vaccination obligation, announced by Emmanuel Macron for carers before September 15, under threat of punishment, responds to the creation of 280 beds that are part of Lyon’s civic hospices.

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“Catching colleagues is disingenuous and disgusting”Blandine blurted out, wishing to remain anonymous as she left the room to join the procedure room. The nurse could have been vaccinated from May – “Travel on a whim” – she clarifies – does not give up. “A year ago we were asked to come to work, even if we had Covid. The temperature is below 38.5, it was good, it was not serious, we had garbage bags, the same mask all day … And they tell us that we can no longer work if we are not vaccinated?, she speaks in one breath. We were branded as if it was our fault, Covid in nosocomial disease [attrapée à l’hôpital]… ” The girl did not forget to remind that many families “Laugh in your face” when she asks them to put on a mask.

The Lyon establishment, like many hospitals hosting the elderly, was hit hard by the first wave of the epidemic, and at least half of the medical facilities became “All Covid”and several clusters noted in the last sixteen months. “We are told that this is in order not to see the hospital. stuffedbut why don’t we invest in caregivers and beds instead? she continues. Option “Delta”, it does not saturate hospitals today! “

“It’s not over yet, this vaccine”

Of the 450 Sharpenne employees, 56% are vaccinated, with at least the first injection at Lyon’s civilian hospice vaccination centers in mid-July – a figure that hasn’t changed since May, we admit – we’re in control. And 14 points lower than the Lyon hospital group average.

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