Vaccine: controversial poster compares Emmanuel Macron to Hitler

The day after demonstrations against the health pass in Toulon, in the Var region, a giant poster was displayed comparing Emmanuel Macron to Hitler.

Next to the stolen photograph of the head of state, we can read the following slogan, written in white letters on a red background: “Obey, get vaccinated.”

According to France Bleu, the author of the scandalous XXL poster is Michel-Ange Flory.

This poster of Wara has been talking about him for several years, commenting on the news, often in an ambiguous manner.

The holder of 400 marks between Bandol and Yer, this yellow vest defender was also convicted in 2019. In 2015, following the Paris and Saint Denis attacks, Michel-Ange Flory, in particular, used one of his billboards to demand the death penalty. “For terrorists”.

The display also used several of its signs for messages in support of Charlie Hebdo.

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