Vaccine: Her Irrational Beliefs Killed Her

You read the sad story of Giselle Baudouin, this woman who refused vaccinations … and died of COVID-19?

This reminds me of Eloise Dupuis, this 26-year-old mother, a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who died at the end of her blood after refusing a blood transfusion.

Two women who died because of their irrational beliefs.


Like Héloise Dupuis, Madame Baudouin fell headlong into the sect.

A sect of conspirators against the vaccine.

At night, this 70-year-old country singer, who was said to be happy and kind, closed like an oyster.

All that worried him was vaccines. Rather, conspiracy theses condemning the pseudo-danger of vaccines.

She got up at four in the morning to watch anti-vaccine videos. She read everything that was written on the topic, the slightest nonsense, the slightest nonsense.

And when she came out of the bubble to contact her relatives, she had to tell them to be careful with vaccines.

She was like that born again Christians who only talk about Jesus.

Moreover, this woman was a member of the evangelical church, and it was said that she had an “unshakable” faith.

This is the danger with religions and conspiratorial delusions.

There is nothing rational about this.

These are beliefs.

And when you believe, when you are convinced that you have the Truth, when you are confident – following Revelation – you know the hidden meaning of things, nothing and no one can make you change your mind.

No facts, no scientific research.

You really become unshakable.

Like a concrete block.

The more we try to prove to you that your beliefs are meaningless, the more you believe.

Advancing in the dark

This weekend I told myself that it would be nice to have a discussion between the vaccine opponent and the virologist on QUB radio.

History of exposing one after another false “arguments” of opponents of the vaccine.

And then I read Giselle Baudouin’s story and said to myself: bad idea. First, it will give them too much attention, take them too seriously.

Second, it doesn’t work. You can’t argue with a believer. The believer does not argue, does not argue. He’s preaching the gospel.

The only thing you can do when talking to a vaccine opponent is to support them in their beliefs.

Over the past thirteen months, I have had the opportunity to speak with several scientists: virologists, infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, public health specialists.

Do you know what these specialists have in common?

They are careful.

They don’t say, “That’s the truth! “

But: “This is what the latest discoveries allow us to say. “

For them, science is not a religion, but a method, an approach, a way of knowing the world.

“Inspirations,” they leave it to the followers. They make their way through the darkness around us, holding a flashlight.

In fact, no decent virologist will tell you that vaccines are 100% safe.

They are researchers, not gurus.

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