Vaccine-linked menstrual disorders: no need to worry, says Olivier Véran

Heavier, more painful, delayed, or even disturbed periods. On social media, many women report menstrual changes after being vaccinated against Covid-19.

On Twitter, the testimonies multiply: “The rules after the vaccine is not a legend, I have never suffered so much,” writes one user. “Otherwise it’s fine with my period which has lasted 2 weeks since the vaccine, it was great, you can come back now, thank you,” another person testifies. “After the vaccination, I had a period that lasted 15 days instead of 7 days for 3 months, and since September I have had a period of 7 days again. But hey, I don’t care. I received my 2 doses in June and July ”, reassures another Twitter user.

In July, the ANSM (National Agency for Medicines Safety) had issued a “potential signal” about menstrual disorders (heavier or delayed periods) after vaccination. A week later, however, she indicated that she could not “establish a link between vaccination” against Covid-19 and “menstrual disorders.” Despite this, some women still worry.

“Temporary” and “minor” disorders

Invited by France Inter, Health Minister Olivier Véran said: “What the ANSM says, which has registered a certain number of complaints about temporary, benign disturbances – which does not mean that they cannot live badly – is that there are none severity and nothing definitive that can be related to the menstrual disorders of women who have had vaccinations and vaccination reminders ”.

And to specify: “All the data is also available in transparency on the ANSM site, undoubtedly with a sub-declaration form.” According to him, “the inflammatory mechanism can probably explain the appearance of these disorders.” In addition, the minister insists: “These are transitory, transitory disorders that do not affect fertility in any way.”

After vaccination, “the inflammatory mechanism itself can change or slightly interrupt the hormonal cycle that will follow.” The same happens, for example, with the flu or another virus. “At this stage, I cannot deny the seriousness,” he assures, before recalling that all the information available to the ANSM is available in a “transparent” way on the Public Health France site.

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