Vaccine: New Anti-Health Demonstrations On Saturday

Several tens of thousands of people on July 17, 2021, across France, from Marseille to Lille and Montpellier to Paris, are demonstrating against Covid vaccinations and health problems. (© AFP / Archives / GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT)

“For freedom” and “against the dictatorship of health”: After the first nationwide mobilization on 17 July to Saturday 24 July 2021, dozens of demonstrations are planned again throughout France against the renewal of the health passport and mandatory vaccinations for certain occupations.

According to the authorities, around 110,000 demonstrators are expected across the country.

Voting in favor of measures

According to an Elabe poll conducted for BFMTV on July 13, the protests are due to the overwhelming majority of French people (76%) favoring President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to make vaccinations mandatory for healthcare workers and workers in other professions, with appropriate sanctions.

Health passport renewals (complete vaccination or recent negative test result) also receive most approvals, but this varies from location to location.

A poster inviting to present a medical passport and ID at the entrance to a gift shop in Mont Saint Michel, 22 July 2021.
A poster inviting to present a medical passport and ID at the entrance to a gift shop in Mont Saint Michel, 22 July 2021. (© AFP / Samir Al-DUMI)

Demonstration in Paris

In Paris, three events were announced in the prefecture: at noon from the Place de la Bastille to the gates of Champerre, and between Place Malraux and Les Invalides, and at 14:30 at the Trocadero.

“Everybody come! Freedom!”, Wrote on Wednesday the former number two at FN and President of the Patriots Florian Filippot at the initiative of the Paris rally in the Trocadero square.

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes poster

At least a dozen meetings are planned in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, including Lyon, where mobilization will begin at 15:00 from Place Bellecour (2nd arrondissement).

Following the “violence” that took place last Saturday on the sidelines of an “illegal” anti-health rally in Place Bellecour, Rhone Prefecture has established two prohibitive perimeters from noon to 9:00 pm.

In Annecy, the announced demonstration is combined with a public debate and debate to call on the organizers of the first demonstrations, beginning in March, for “freedom” and without masks.

And in Chambery, where demonstrators entered the town hall on Wednesday to shoot a portrait of Emmanuel Macron, Saturday’s march has not been announced again, the prefecture of Savoy regrets it.

And also in Grand Este, in Toulouse …

In the Grand Est region, a rally is being held from 13:00 on Place Kléber in Strasbourg to say “no to health passport and pension reform”.

In Toulouse, a rally is scheduled for 14:00 in the city center, despite the prefecture’s ban on “any unregistered protest rallies.”

Other calls for a demonstration were announced, among others, in Lille, Marseille, Belfort, Nantes, Vannes, Caen, Besançon or Colmar every afternoon.

“Increase the pressure”

Grouped around the hashtags # manifest24juillet, #PassDeLaHonte or # liberty on social media, opposition to the government’s response to Covid-19 brings together protesters against masks, vaccines, or containment with varying demands.

Last Saturday, more than 110,000 people across France demonstrated against vaccinations, “dictatorship” or health passes, including 18,000 in Paris in multiple processions and 96,000 in the rest of the country, according to the Interior Ministry.

Over the course of the week, several hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the National Assembly and Senate, following the parliamentary path of the anti-Covid bill, which is expected to be passed at the end of the weekend.

Covid-19: first injections in France.
Covid-19: first injections in France. (© AFP /)

Contested measures

To stop the development of the Delta variant, President Emmanuel Macron introduced a series of measures on July 12.

On Wednesday, partly into force, prompted by debate and the subject of numerous amendments in the National Assembly, the issuance of a health certificate (full vaccination course or recent test).

Already in use in cultural and entertainment venues, its expansion to cafes, restaurants and trains is scheduled for early August.

Even before these tightening measures were taken, their simple July 12 announcement by President Emmanuel Macron sped up vaccinations: 58% of the total population (39 million) received at least one dose on Friday (and 48% are fully vaccinated). , up from 53% and 40% respectively on July 10.

The provision of the new text, currently under review in the Senate following its first reading in the National Assembly, opens up the possibility of layoffs for workers in institutions open to the public who refuse to receive a health pass.

The bill also provides for the mandatory vaccination of carers, firefighters or professionals working with the elderly.

Source: © 2021 AFP

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