Vaccine: slot machines are available at the Stade de France, but no rule violation is visible

Although the Stade de France has many vaccinating sites, some require relaxed selection criteria.

Appointments for which there is no recipient, but doses are available. If some vaccination centers are taken by storm, many locations will still be open at the Stade de France on Doctolib. This Tuesday morning, for example, you can still make an appointment for your first Pfizer injection on the same day, with breaks nearly every five minutes.

Reservation slots are available on Doctolib for the Stade de France. © Capture Doctolib

Still open vaccination?

These numerous meetings have sparked a Twitter response from Guillaume Rosier, founder of CovidTracker, also driven by Vite Ma Dose.

“Why not relax the booking rules a bit so the doses don’t sleep?” – he writes before formulating the proposal. “Example: If you find a free slot within 1 hour, you can reserve it whether you are eligible or not. This will fill in the gaps, ”he suggests.

According to BFMTV, the Ministry of Health is not moving towards this option. “In two weeks, vaccination will be available for people over 50 years old. It is inappropriate to expect vaccinations for two weeks today. We do not prohibit this, but at this stage we do not adhere to this idea, ”the ministry said.

The ministry also believes that with the acceleration of vaccinations, it is getting closer and closer “to the time when we will have more doses than requests.” This Tuesday afternoon, the Vite Ma Dose website lists 230,378 vaccination sites available across France.

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