Vaccines: Europe accuses Beijing and Moscow of misinformation

Posted on April 28, 2021 9:32 PMUpdated on April 28, 2021 9:33 PM

Moscow and Beijing did not hesitate to organize campaigns to “vilify” the vaccines chosen by the Union. This is stated in the report of the European diplomacy unit for combating disinformation, in which Russia and China are accused of wanting to place their vaccine, undermining European choice.

“Vaccine diplomacy” led by Moscow and Beijing ” accompanied by disinformation and manipulation efforts aimed at undermining trust in vaccines produced in the West, in European institutions and in European vaccination strategies “, underlines the report.

They are ” use state-controlled media, media networks close to the authorities, and social networks, including official diplomatic accounts on social networks, to achieve these goals “, condemn the authors of the report, which cites the official Twitter account of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V.

Over 100 new cases of Russian disinformation

“Since early 2021, more than 100 new examples of vaccine disinformation alleged by the Kremlin have been added to the EUvsDisinfo database.”adds European unity.

In mid-March, the Russian vaccine liaison team did not hesitate to laugh on Twitter at the European health authorities’ lack of willingness to order the vaccine. “Is it worth participating in their assessment if the EU does not intend to add Sputnik V to its vaccine portfolio after MEA approval?” Some European bureaucrats and pharmaceutical lobbies believe that vaccination in the EU is fine and that no additional vaccines are needed. “

In Europe, Hungary and Slovakia were the only countries to approve the Russian vaccine, and the European Union did not order any doses of Sputnik V. On the other hand, Russia was able to export its cheap and simple serum. large-scale in the southern hemisphere. In Latin America, nine countries have approved it, including Argentina and Mexico. The same is true in Africa, the Middle East and Russia’s neighboring countries such as Belarus.

Hand of Washington

On Tuesday, Moscow strongly condemned the attitude of Brazilian health authorities after their refusal to import satellite V. They criticized Washington for this decision.

“Anvisa’s delays in approving Sputnik V are unfortunately political and have nothing to do with access to information or science.”, – pointed out the Twitter account of the Russian vaccine. “A few months ago, the US Department of Health, in its 2020 annual report, publicly stated that the United States health attaché convinced Brazil to abandon the Russian vaccine.”– claimed the creators of the drug.

Chinese diplomacy, for its part, did not appreciate the words of the French president about his decisions in February: Chinese vaccines “Effective and safe”she replied the day after statements by Emmanuel Macron criticizing the opacity of serums developed in China and their risks in the face of new variants of the coronavirus.

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