Vagrant test – Indie nugget to do absolutely!

Saturday, July 23, 2022 11:55 AM by author Amory Lager (Sadako)

As we often say, the independent video game scene is certainly full of beautiful nuggets, but also projects that fail to express their roadmap when you hold a controller. Do you like cats? Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk universes? Then Stray might be for you! Let’s take a closer look at our game play test done on PS5 as part of our PlayStation Plus Premium subscription offered by Sony.

Tramp – what is it about?

– You play as a small cat that has just fallen into a ravine and is stuck in the middle of a very strange city.

– Stray is an adventure game with multiple puzzles to solve and rare action phases.

– Very simple controls make this game perfect for the whole family at any age.

– Now available on PC, PS5 and PS4.

– Starting price: €29.99 (Available in September 2022 on PS5 in a boxed version for €39.99).

– Approximate lifetime: about 7 hours for the adventure, 10 hours for the adventure and side quests

Excellent qualities of Stray

– The incarnation of a cat, this is really unusual!

– A really interesting story to follow, with themes on multiple levels (transhumanism, man’s place on earth, government politics, our footprint in the world, etc.)

– Truly gorgeous landscapes with ray tracing effect on PS5!

– Exemplary smoothness at 60 frames per second without slowdown

– Really great art direction, with very believable sets and very detailed backgrounds

– The hallway is quite linear, but does not give the impression of a hallway

– Beautiful verticality that can be exploited quite often, the cat can climb almost anywhere

– The puzzles are pretty simple but fun to solve

– Side quests and items to find that deepen the backstory of the game

– The music in the game is really well calibrated to match the environment.

– We are never bored and always want to see/learn more about the game

– Throughout the adventure, the game evokes many different emotions.

– The developers played the world of cats very well, sometimes with quite funny scenes!

– Several rare action phases that are a lot of fun to play through for perfect rhythm from start to finish

– The perspective and the environment are well used to use the small size of the cat.

Weaknesses of the Rogue

– Exploration could be continued to discover more secrets of this very mysterious world at first glance.

– An open end, but one that deserves to be a little more open. The developers must have ideas for a sequel!

– Sometimes we find a way a little, but nothing serious

– The jumping system is not free, but we are finally getting used to it very quickly, and this avoids the platforming stages that could be dangerous.

You will like Stray if:

– Do you like post apocalyptic and cyberpunk adventure games with lots of robots

– Cats, of course!

– You enjoy taking the time to progress in a video game

– Are you planning to play alone or with family/friends

You won’t like Stray if:

– You expected an open world game with lots of action

– Looking for a game that exceeds 10 hours of playtime

Verdict: 17/20

Of course, Stray should be classified as gaming nuggets! With a very believable universe and touching themes, the sweat chat adventure really seduced and captivated us from start to finish. All that’s missing is a storyline explosion to truly become an unforgettable game, but Stray already has all the ingredients to mark us for a long time. We are obviously looking forward to the sequel with the greatest impatience!

Wandering gameplay on PS5 (early game)

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