Valeo and Coface use Wiztrust to verify their information

The cost of financial misinformation is estimated at $26.5 billion.

Valéo, Coface join Rubis, TF1, Quadient, Gecina, Nexity to fight financial disinformation.

Paris (France), July 29, 2022 – Valéo and Coface, SBF 120 companies, accept WizTrust, Wiztopic’s blockchain information certification platform. Leading public companies rely on Wiztrust to empower their audiences check the accuracy of your data and thus avoid fake news, protect their shareholders, and preserve the reputation of their managers.

Companies from all sectors fell victim to fake news [1]. Financial misinformation has become a major problem. Its annual cost is estimated at $17 billion in 2019, to which are added 9.5 billion estimated negative impacts on the reputation of companies and their managers [2]. Market manipulation by fake news is becoming 5th risk in the list of priority risks for companiesright after political instability and before climate change…[3]

“With Wiztrust, large, insecure companies regain control of their information and protect their shareholders,” explains Jérôme Lascombe, founder of Wiztopic. Wiztrust is a trusted brand based on the quantity and quality of its users. Every day, new companies from the CAC 40 and SBF 120 are using our blockchain technology and making it a recognized standard. This rapid spread is due to the ease of use and reliability that appeal to issuers concerned about the penetration of fake news into the economy. »

Wiztopic now protects over 635 billion euros of market capitalization (Altarea, Crédit Agricole, Engie, Natixis, Gecina, Klépierre, Quadient, Rubis, TF1, etc.) as well as many non-listed financial institutions (BPCE, MACIF, Malakoff Humanis, etc.), who have decided to fight fake news and protect the trust that has been established between their companies, the media and the market.

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